ICO 26 - DAKAR, 30 september - 04 october 2024

This will be the first time that the entire ICO World Congress will be held in Africa, in total resonance with the leitmotifs of the ICO, to facilitate the dissemination of science, technology and education in all regions of the world. ICO-26 is co-organized by the West African Territorial Representation, Laser, Atomic Molecular, and Optical Sciences Network (LAM) and the French Territorial Representation (SFO). We expect of course a large number of participants, including an exhibit that will showcase photonics industry. Even more important for this first issue, a particular attention will be paid to ensure a broad African participation, and we are working especially to make the congress accessible to young PhDs and researchers of as many as possible African countries. To be clear our goal is to be as inclusive as possible and as scientifically excellent as usual, and bring to Dakar with your help the international optic and photonic community to exchange with Africans colleagues.

Plenary speakers

Ico donna strickland


Ico donna strickland